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With years of experience in giant posters and our WEDIA OUTDOOR MEDIA POOL with over 90 giant poster advertising spaces in Germany, Austria and Switzerland we are your perfect partner.

If you have any requests regarding our network of locations, mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or just call us. Our team will be happy to assist you.

We offer you full-service assistance and take care of the giant poster production, installation as well as the documentation of your poster placement. In our production range, we only work with selected print shops and guarantee highest quality in print and material on our out- and indoor products.

Questions regarding production or installation mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

leipzig augustus
LEIPZIG-Augustusplatz 1/Stadtring-Dominanz
Exclusive location for giant posters in the Heart of Leipzig located at one of the most frequented crossroads of the city, directly facing the Augustplatz, the Opera, the Gewandhaus and the University. Visible from the main shopping street (pedestrian street Grimmanische Straße), museum, theater, landmarks, hotels. restaurants, cafes and many more.
hamburg moenckebergstr
HAMBURG-Mönckebergstr. 1 /Central Station/Saturn
The premium inner- city surface in Hamburg at the Saturn building with up to over 200 m² space for your Giant Poster facing one of the most frequented railway stations in Germany. Freely visible from inside trains, cars and by pedestrians. Located in between big shopping streets. Other surroundings: Karstadt Sport, Levantehaus, Art Hall, Deichtorhallen, MKG, Hafencity.
hamburg heidenkamp
HAMBURG-Elbbrücken/Heidenkampsweg 101
Preeminent visibly Position: Located at the Elbbrücken at a three-lane, highly frequented radial highway coming from Hannover, Berlin, Bremen and Lepizig (A7) leading to downtown Hamburg and the Central Railway Station. Other surroundings: Mercedes- Benz subsidiary, TÜV Rheinland Campus, Olympus Germany, insurance companies and many more.
braunschweig wendenring
BRAUNSCHWEIG-Wendenring 4/Hamburger Straße
Top Location at the main traffic routing and single location for giant posters in Braunschweig. Visible from afar. Long- distance traffic tends to clog in front of the structure (A2, A7 ans A390). Main route leading to downtown Braunschweig off of Volkswagen plants, the soccer-stadium, IKEA, hardware stores,car dealerships, McDonald's and many more. Nearby: University, Student Dormitories, tram and buses.
frankfurt hanauer
Frankfurt-Hanauer Landstr. 545
Highly trafficked advertising space adjacent to the Hanauer Landstraße. Beautifully visible when driving out of town en route to Maintal.“Die Automeile Deutschlands” (www.automeile-frankfurt.de) with numerous car dealerships. Other surroundings: hardware stores, ATU, McFit, “Hessen-Center”, Disco JadeClub, T-Hall (climbing gym) as well as two schools. Commute traffic tends to clog here.
hannover goethe
HANNOVER-Goethestraße 7/ Steintor
Top Location in the center of Hannover. Highly frequented road, Tram-, Bus- and Tube- Stations, 150m to the main shopping road. Access road to the inner city car parks, traffic lights right upfront. Located in a hip district with many restaurants.
hannover messe
HANNOVER-Messe/Münchener Str. 1+3
Excellent locations with a total advertising space of over 1300 m² at the Messebahnhof Hannover-Laazen. Right at the exit of the railway station on level with a sky-walk which connects the station with the entry of the Hannover Messe. Already visible from the inside of the station. Across from a taxi stand.
magdeburg breiter
MAGDEBURG-Breiter Weg/Ernst-Reuter-Allee 14
Exclusive location for your giant poster in the heart of Magdeburg right at one of the most frequented crossings of the city. High commute traffic, public transportation. Opposing the Allee- Center (shopping-mall), the Ulrichshaus and the old market with a variety of shops. Other surroundings: main railway station, pedestrian zone, hotels, museums, theaters, the Elbe to mention but a few.
wien donaukanal
Highly attended spot at the hip Danube Channel (Donaukanal) at the well- known Tel Aviv Beach Club. Next to the exit of the metro station U2 Schottenring. Located next to mamy beach-clubs at the Danube Channel. Visible from the heavy trafficked Ringstraße as well as the Otto Wagner Schützenhaus (Wine Bar) and the well-knwon Club Flex.
wien linke
WIEN-Linke Wienzeile 224/U4
Top location, visible from multiple directions: Schönbrunnerstraße, Linke Wienzeile, Längenfeldgasse, Traffic lighted crossroad, Metro Station Längenfeldgasse, U4- Center, shopping street Meidlinger Hauptstraße, Palace Gardens Schönbrunn, district court, finance office, Theresienbad.